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How-to video: Enriching learning in any subject with Slide Rocket

Brief synopsis: Slide Rocket is a web-based presentation creation and sharing application. With Slide Rocket, teachers can embed amazing pictures from Slide Rocket's vast library of free photos and/or add video and audio to the presentation. So, as the Slide Rocket presentation above demonstrates, a teacher might want to enrich a book a class has read by adding pictures and videos of the time, place and culture of the story. Similarly, math and science teachers can upload slides of their own and/or find enrichment in Slide Rocket's library. The finished Slide Rocket presentation can be embedded into a web site or blog, or it can be opened with a direct web link.

Benefits: In today's digital classroom, it is important for teachers to engage students on "their playing field." Interactive programs like Slide Rocket make producing entertaining and educational videos easy. Slide Rocket has a gigantic library of free pictures, and its easy-to-use plug-ins make adding a YouTube video directly into the presentation child's play for even non-tech savvy teachers. Slide Rocket allows users to publish either publicly or privately, so teachers can decide when and where to show their presentations. Slide Rocket offers a myriad of animation and transition tools that make PowerPoint obsolete.

Drawbacks: Like most slide sharing applications, Slide Rocket has a fairly steep learning curve. Learn it in 5's how-to video on Slide Rocket will help.

Conclusion: The how-to video above is an example of a Slide Rocket presentation, used to enrich a lesson on a fictional story that takes place in Japan.