How-To Videos for the
technology classroom

October 7, 2013
UPDATE: Slide Rocket is shutting down its current version and integrating to corporate giant, Clear  Slide. This will affect your presentations a links. Learn more here.

Turning screen capture recordings into videos with Slide Rocket

Brief synopsis: Screen capture recordings can be easily turned into powerful streaming video with the Web 2.0 application, Slide Screen capture, combined with a projector and the Internet and a tool like Slide Rocket, gives teachers the ability to create amazing how-to videos and other presentations that can be launched online and viewed on any computer or shown on an interactive white board.

Benefits: Slide Rocket is a web-based screen capture recording tool that is also an online library for video, audio and other assets that a user may wish to retrieve and put into future presentations. Slide Rocket can import existing PowerPoint presentations, as well. Slide Rocket gives users instant access to a Flickr's free library of pictures, which can be imported into a presentation with a simple mouse click. Slides and other graphics can be produced into streaming video that is published to the Internet, so teachers can embed the video onto a wiki or blog.

Drawbacks: There is a slight learning curve with Slide Rocket, which may frighten less tech-savvy users.

Conclusion: The how-to video above demonstrates the screen capture and online video tool, Slide Rocket and how to use it in the K-12 classroom.