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How to use Twitter in the K-12 classroom

NOTE: Twitter has launched a new interface, so it looks different from the interface in this video. A new Learn it in 5 video will be launched soon.

Quick synopsis: Twitter is one of the most powerful social media tools and Web 2.0 applications available. For teachers hoping to share short pieces of information, including links to places outside of their own technology classroom, Twitter is the perfect Web 2.0 application.

Benefits: Teachers can use Twitter in the classroom and create a powerful communication tool for students. Students can register for their own Twitter accounts and follow the teacher and each other, in order to generate excellent digital classroom discussions from home or inside the classroom. Twitter can be used in class as a backchanneling tool, similar to Todays Meet.

Drawbacks: Many school districts are still getting used to the idea of social media and Twitter can be frightening to people who don't understand how easy it is to secure information on Twitter. It's difficult to manage multiple accounts in Twitter. A third-party Twitter management tool, like HootSuite, should be considered.

Conclusion: The above how-to video illustrates how to register and begin working with the social network Twitter, in 5 minutes or less.